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Weather - we've got lots of it, and we like it. The trick is to relax and embrace it. There's always a soak in a hot bath when you get back, or the steam room. And there's proper drying space for wet clothes.

This short video shows the right spirit (suggest you right-click and open in a new tab / window):

The truth about rain

  • It's only water - and here it's as clean, pure and fresh as can be.
  • What to do when it's wet? Usually we fail to think of the obvious answer: get wet!! Often it turns out to be the best day of your holiday.
  • Let's keep this in perspective: Gelston is less than half as wet as Argyll, drier than much of the Lake District, often even drier than southwest England. We're also drier than just a few miles inland from us - we seem to have a microclimate right here on the estate: it's often sunny here while at Castle Douglas it's cloudy or wet. In fact we don't have as much rain as we'd like for growing trees!

Making the most of it

Local tips on where and how to make the most of ALL the weather.

  1. Brooding Skies
  2. Singing In The Rain
  3. Frost And Stars
  4. Autumn Mists
  5. Wild Winds
  6. Sunshine And Sunsets

After the weather-romp

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