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So you've already settled the question Why Galloway? - you're in on the secret. Next up, why choose Gelston Castle Holidays? Here are more than 10 reasons.

Location, location

We're bang in the centre of Dumfries & Galloway, only 4 miles from the Solway coast and 3 miles from the delightful town of Castle Douglas. Yet at the same time we're completely hidden away in the countryside. How did we manage to land so perfectly? There's more: we're uniquely well placed for just about every sort of activity - see the map in the slideshow to the right (coming soon).
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"The peace of Gelston" is the simple phrase repeated by one extended family that's been coming here for over 30 years. And I don't think they just mean quietness - it's something intangible, spiritual, a sort of "genius loci" [spirit of the place]. A place where you can slow down, unload your cares, sleep longer.
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The estate encompasses a fine and rare mix of landscape features: lush pastoral, rugged hill, forestry, ancient natural woodland, wilderness. The "built heritage" is also rich: it's not everywhere that one can stay in a castle courtyard dating back to c. 1800.
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There's room to stretch out, both in body (none of our houses are pokey) and in spirit. Just start your wandering from the door - no need to get in the car if you don't want to.

Leisure facilities

How many self-catering places offer all of this, on top of everything else: state-of-the-art tennis court, beautiful large heated swimming pool in a sheltered courtyard, steam room, walled garden to laze or play in, outdoor giant chess ...? I don't know of any in Scotland.
>> Courtyard Leisure Facilities

Groups (family & other)

Where else can offer up to 30 beds (34 including Kirkmirren) where you can all be together in one place, yet also escape to your own house, shut the door and let your hair down in privacy? Better for most than being all in one big house!
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Our Christmas Package

We are not aware of anyone else offering anything like our Christmas Package.

Accommodation standards

Self-catering used to mean boringly functional make-do interiors, barely comfortable beds, buckled saucepans, thin curtains (we still take eyeshades with us on holiday!) etc., and we all cheerfully accepted this as the nature of the game. Many other places are still a bit like that, but we've moved on. Now some guests say our houses are frankly better than their own homes, and a few have even asked for details of our colour schemes so that they can use them at home!
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No midges!

Yes, really: in our bit of Galloway we hardly see any. Further inland, up in the hills or where Sphagnum Moss (their habitat) is found, midges will come out on still days in low light (esp. evening) from late June to early Sept.

Green credentials

We believe in social, cultural and ecological responsibility. That includes keeping the farm going, maintaining rural employment, managing woodlands, and resisting tourism development and commercialism. The whole courtyard is heated by wood from the estate (we invested nearly 70,000 in the conversion to wood fuel).
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First hand advice

We try to keep abreast of what's good around here: we don't just give you the stock list of restaurants, walks, tourist attractions etc. and leave you to take your chance. We try things out for ourselves, and we like to think that we are reasonably discerning. So if you want an opinion, it's first hand and reliable.

Staff on hand

If you need anything, real people are on hand to talk to. Sounds obvious, but not always the case with self-catering.
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Don't just take our word for it

See What People Say ...

Like to talk?

So do we. Ring us:
01556 502211
From abroad:
+44 1556 502211


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