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Weather & Seasons

Coastal Galloway gets the Gulf Stream - trees and plants love its moist, temperate climate, and that's why it's so gloriously green all year round. Autumn begins on 20th August, but nothing else is predictable - we've had summer in spring!

Funnily enough, one of the top tips is to avoid the summer. We recently met a couple who once did two summer walking holidays in Scotland. They got wet. Since then, they've done a week in February every year for the last 15, and have loved it. It's about expectations: in summer we expect fine weather, and are disappointed with every day that doesn't deliver it. But in November or February we're thrilled by each crisp, clear day.

Catch Scotland at her best

Scotland is a drama queen: her atmosphere is actually at its best in "BAD" weather - explore the links below.

  1. Through The Seasons

More than climate, this is about what you can see and experience through the different seasons: the natural world (flora & fauna), things that happen at particular times.

  1. Love The Weather

Tips on where and how to enjoy our varied climate.


Escape the hurly-burly, and maybe some troublesome relations. We take care of those awkward-to-bring essentials: a turkey (the best), top class Christmas Tree, decorations, more.

  1. Christmas Package

Over £100 of essential extras included in the regular price!

Peak Periods & Off-Peak Discounts

The peak times are school holidays, and these tend to be booked well ahead. We have a fair system for giving priority to those who regularly take the same house for the same week, but it is sometimes still possible for newcomers to break into this, even in peak periods.

Do whatever it takes to avoid school hols if you can! You get cheaper rates, more peace, and we offer a part occupancy discount.

How To Book (menu left) has peak dates (on Price Chart), off-peak discounts, priority system details.

Festivals and special events

The region has some nationally notable annual events and festivals in the fine arts, literature, music, sport/outdoors, etc. Details on the following pages:

Cultural Activities
Sports And Outdoors
News And Offers (menu above) has future festival/event dates (when known).
External Links (menu above) has the websites for all the festivals/events.

Like to talk?

So do we. Ring us:
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