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Not all rain is equal - there are different kinds to enjoy!

"Soft Days"

A local speciality, often called a "Scotch mist". It's a fine and steady drizzle that gives the soft sensation of gently washing one's face - wonderfully refreshing if you relax and enjoy it!

Where: the estate's wooded hills and glens can look their most enchanting on a "soft day", veiled in other-worldly mystery, soft-focus contours suffused with lushest shades of green. Walk down the tarmac drive towards Low Lodge, through the gate into the field on the right, and wander south-eastwards along the glen, with The Larches (wooded hill) soaring up to your right ...

Proper Rain

Getting thoroughly soaked can be a blast - there comes a point when you cease to care and just abandon yourself to it, laughing and (maybe) singing. And surely reaching THAT point is exactly what holidays are meant to be about ....

Where: Ninian's Cave on the beach at Physgill, near Whithorn: feel what it was like for Ninian to take refuge in this cave to pray, with lashing rain and pounding waves driven in from the southwest, whence he had arrived on the paths of the seas from Brittany, Rome and who knows where. It's just not the same on a fine day, in fact rather unremarkable. But with a bit of wind and rain .... Real diehards can also walk the 6 mile coastal path to/from Ninian's chapel at Isle of Whithorn, where there's a great pub on the pier: the Steam Packet Inn (real ales, hearty food, decent wine).

Waterfalls, burns and cascades

Any kind of rain makes the hills alive with the sparkle of rustling rivulets and waterfalls - one of our favourites is the Grey Mare's Tail (several cascades in a lovely burn) near Murray's Monument west of Clatteringshaws Loch.

Just off the estate there's a tiny burn hidden away in the forestry on Bengairn, flanked by a magical remnant of ancient natural woodland (alder, willow, birch). An unknown, secret place, utterly cut off from the outside world.

And others - just ask us.

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