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Gelston Castle Holidays has a return booking rate of over 85% (a fact which speaks for itself!), so we are fortunate to be able to get to know many of our holiday guests. We have tried to include below a mix of comments from veterans and newcomers, but we have never really solicited these until having this website, so we expect the page to grow from now on ...

The last word first

This is one of God's holiday destinations.

DA, Derbyshire

Honestly, we could have stayed indefinitely!

KJ, Stirling

From generation to generation

I've been visiting Gelston Castle with my family every year since I was born; I'm now 18 and love it more than ever. It's the perfect location for a calm and peaceful getaway for families of all sizes. When I go I never want to leave and I'm looking forward to visiting again next year. Gelston Castle is definitely a very special place.

HM, Derbyshire

Can you trust this website?

If anything, I think your website undersells how lovely it all is.

YN, Hertfordshire [Easter 2014, walled garden development still in progress!]

We've been looking at your website which is great. I think the layout, pictures and particularly the narrative sum up the essence of Gelston brilliantly. It was worth the wait!

KM, Lancashire [been coming for years, in all seasons]

The magic of Gelston

We first visited Gelston Castle in 1983, and it still has the same magic all these years later. Our thanks to everyone who makes Gelston such a special place.

EM, Glasgow

I wish we could live here forever. Some people are lucky - they live here always.

Small boy heard talking to his mum in the courtyard (a "stream of consciousness" delivered in a loud voice!); family G, Stirling

We never want to leave - in fact one year I cried when I got home! ... I looked out of the window [courtyard house 1] when making a cup of tea early one morning to see a deer grazing just across the drive - time stood still ...!

MF, Yorkshire

For over 30 years our family has holidayed at Gelston, now the third generation is experiencing the magic.

A&AM, Derbyshire

I find Gelston a magical place.

JC, Edinburgh

Relaxing Gelston

The peace and calm of Gelston have worked their usual proprietary magic and we both head south much refreshed and with new hope.

CT, Wiltshire

It was such an incredible two weeks - I left feeling thoroughly relaxed.

FH, Herefordshire [Actually the weather was not at all summery for most of their fortnight here, but it doesn't seem to have affected the enjoyment and relaxation at all - Ed.]

The relaxed atmosphere starts the minute you pass through the gates ... it's the perfect recipe for a wonderfully restful holiday.

EM, Glasgow

We find Gelston a great place to rest and relax, with beautiful surroundings to stroll through, and a rope swing for the thrill-seekers. This was our second visit, and certainly won't be the last.

P&CS, Merseyside

It is VERY relaxing at Gelston - so much space, beautiful surroundings, nature, Screel, forests, birdwatching ...

R&SO, Portsmouth

Beautiful Gelston

My stay here has been lovely and I will definitely come again, for it was pure beauty.

AS, Manchester (stayed at Kirkmirren)

We really enjoyed our stay at the castle, the setting was fantastic. I loved the old water powered sawmill, walled garden, courtyard, gate lodges and the little bridge on the west drive.

MR, Herefordshire

Happy holidays & fun

Thank you so very much for our lovely holiday. My first experience of Gelston was memorable and great fun.

MR, Worcestershire

I share the children's hope that our happy holiday will be repeated next year.

JC, Edinburgh

Accommodation standard

We've been coming here for the last 8 years - we love it. It is so luxurious, the cottages are so well equipped (better than home!) and so beautifully furnished and decorated - we especially love the paintings.

R&SO, Portsmouth

The cottage was lovely: the log fire was just right in the evening, with the option of heating if we'd got back in late; all very tidy and very nicely fitted out; plenty of details which just made it.

MR, Herefordshire (stayed courtyard house 1)

I am afraid this splendid cottage has very probably ruined us for holiday rentals - such a benchmark you have set!

DA, Derbyshire (stayed Kirkmirren)

I'll have to find out the make of these comfy beds!

MF, Yorkshire

The cottages are so spacious ... it feels like a home from home. And I love your pictures.

M&JC, Derbyshire (stayed courtyard house 2)


First impressions of the house blew me and my family away.

AS, Cheshire

The peace and quiet of the location and the spectacular views over the fields and hills were something very special to experience.

KJ, Stirling

Beautiful house, beautiful setting. Very relaxing - felt like barricading ourselves in, as we didn't want to leave the house!

JW, Co. Durham

We have had a great holiday in a well equipped beautiful cottage with stunning views. An ideal place for grandparents with family staying up at Gelston Castle!

PK, Staffordshire

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