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Leave the hordes to bat on up to the Highlands. Float west and join the slow lane at Gelston.

The West Coast bug

How is it that west coasts everywhere have a laid-back spirit? Not here the buttoned-up, bean-counting atmosphere of east coast Edinburgh, haunt of sharp bankers ...

A west coast Scot was asked if there was an equivalent for Spanish "manyana" in the local dialect: "Aye, but naething quite sae urrrgent, y'ken."

You sleep better out west

The common explanation for the west coast phenomenon is sea air - in our case the Atlantic airflow that rides on the Gulf Stream. There may be more to it, who knows? One of my early memories of annual holidays here is zonking out as soon as my head touched the pillow, and not waking for at least 10 hours. Every night! Not much has changed, and it's still the worst place to try and get any work done. How long has this website taken? I rest my case.

Catch the carefree spirit

Watch the locals in Castle Douglas on a "soft day" (light rain), and you'll see that hardly any bother with umbrellas. Who cares about a bit of fresh water? It's one example of our carefree spirit, which you can catch here, with a bit of luck and practice (like fishing). It might be a life-changing experience ...

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