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We go on self-catering holidays ourselves, so we know what we want, and we aim to provide it at Gelston. Here are some things we think are important - few of them really count in Tourist Board gradings, and in our experience depressingly few places (even with high gradings) get more than half of these things right. You'll get all of them here.

  • Sleep - that means:
    • Top quality mattresses (deep, pocket-sprung), with luxurious Merino toppers and proper cotton bedlinen; all beds likely to be used by young children are discreetly protected by a piece of top grade breathable waterproof fabric hidden beneath the toppers, so you don't need to worry;
    • Fully lined curtains, and/or blackout blinds where needed.
  • Bath (in addition to a shower!): decent size, and not plastic.
  • Bathtowels that do the job: good quality, generous size, and provision for easy drying, i.e. heated towel-rails, or rails above radiators.
  • Hot water: plenty of it, and rapid recovery times.
  • Drying room and tumble dryers for wet clothes.
  • Spotlighting in kitchens with expensive best-in-class bulbs.
  • Cooker with fast ceramic hob.
  • Solid pots & pans (£90 frying pan!); good kitchen knives with magic sharpeners.
  • Wine glasses of proper shape and size, including champagne flutes!
  • Interior decoration with colour and individuality: not beige and polyester, but heritage paint colours, handmade curtains, etc.
  • Comfort, but not luxury - because luxury makes you worry about what the kids might do, and of course it costs money. Villeroy & Boch china is pretty, but expensive to break!

In self-catering accommodation there's a balance to be struck. We try to focus on what matters to most people, including families with children. This is not the Ritz. But it's certainly not Travel Inn either.

Wifi broadband (matters to some!)

We've gone to great lengths to deliver fast wifi broadband everywhere (not easy in old buildings with 3 ft thick walls!).

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