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The old (c. 1800) listed stable courtyard has 4 separate houses for self-catering holidays:

  1. Courtyard House 1 - sleeps 6/7
  2. Courtyard House 2 - sleeps 6
  3. Courtyard House 4 - sleeps 6
  4. Courtyard House 7 - sleeps 4


Extended families and other groups find the courtyard ideal for holidays together: you are all in one place, yet you can also escape to your own house, shut the door and let your hair down in privacy. Not like being all in one big house. Grandparents who want to be at an even safer distance can stay at Kirkmirren Cottage - some say it's a perfect arrangement! Max 23 beds, or 27 incl. Kirkmirren.

Many guests have made lasting friendships with people they've met on holiday here, and continue to synchronise holidays - even to the second and third generation!

Boring practicalities

There's a laundry room and dedicated drying room in the courtyard.

Telecoms: there's a telephone in the courtyard for free local and local-rate calls, emergencies, BT Chargecard calls and incoming calls; longer distance calls can be made from the office in office hours with BT charge advice (pay on tab). Use the office fax and a free computer on the office network for internet & email in office hours; free wireless broadband in courtyard (not in every room because of thick stone walls, depends on angles). Mobile reception is patchy and you generally have to go outside, but major networks have signal depending on exact location.

Smoking is permitted, downstairs only. The obligatory smoke alarms might be triggered, but this is untested because most smoking guests considerately pop outside (there are places under cover if it's wet) - and we are grateful for this even if we don't insist on it.

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Other Accommodation

Kirkmirren Cottage - sleeps 4

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