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For those who understand basic computer speak

To view most of the pictures on our site your browser needs to have scripting enabled. This is now the default setting in all browsers. Image-viewing is powered by Highslide, a very popular javascript application which works on all platforms. Note that you do NOT need to install Java, which confusingly is quite a different thing from javascript, the latter being very widely used today on the majority of websites.

In plain English

First, here's how the pictures SHOULD work. We'll use the page What We Offer as an example. It's easiest if you RIGHT-click this link (either here or in the main menu) and select Open in New Tab or Open in New Window, so that you can switch between that page and this.

  • In the right-hand section of the screen you should see a small aerial photo of the Gelston Castle courtyard complex (even if nothing else works after this).
  • Move your cursor (mouse) over the picture - the cursor should display as a magnifying glass with a plus sign in the middle, with the words "Click to view pictures".
  • Click on the picture.
  • The picture should then expand over where it is; it should have a caption below, and above left it should say Image 1 of 2, and above right should be some control buttons enabling you to move forward to the next image or close the picture. The rest of the screen should be dimmed slightly.

If this doesn't work as described, then it is almost certainly because you have scripting disabled in your browser. It's not difficult to fix, and there is no risk in doing so. The method depends on what browser you use.

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