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The estate's rich variety of wildlife is no surprise in view of its unusual diversity of topography and habitat, including:

  • Its varied coastline of rock, sand, estuary/merse and mudlats;
  • Hill, rock, heather, whins (gorse);
  • Woodlands and forestry of great variety;
  • Watercourses and one or two notable wetlands.

The pictures (right) give only the smallest glimpse of what there is here. Other notable sightings on the estate include, for instance:

  • An otter playing in the Orchardton Bay burn at first light;
  • The lovely Green Woodpecker (rarer than the Spotted varieties and relatively scarce in Scotland);
  • 102 bird species (!!) recorded by friends who live on the estate.

More pictures and text on local wildlife in Naturalist Country (in the section Where We Are >> Galloway Tour), especially more information on Red Squirrels - the last picture in the slideshow on the right may provoke questions ...

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